Who is DCP?

A promotional model is a person hired to drive consumer demand for a product, service, brand, or concept by directly interacting with potential consumers. A promotional model can be female or male, and typically is intended to be attractive in physical appearance. They serve to provide information about the product or service and make it appealing to consumers. While the length of interaction may be short, the promotional model delivers a live experience that reflects on the product or service he or she is representing.

This form of marketing touches fewer consumers for the cost than traditional advertising media (such as print, radio, and television); however the consumer’s perception of a brand, product, service, or company, is often more profoundly affected by a live person-to-person
experience. The influence of this type of marketing may be more enduring as well. Promotional models often interact with many people at once to maximize quantitative influence on consumer demand. The responsibilities of the promotional model depend on the particular marketing campaign being carrying out, and may include:

  • + increasing product awareness
  • + providing product information
  • + creating an association in the consumer’s mind between the product or brand and a particular idea (natural beauty, classic heritage, edgy sex appeal, reliability)
  • + handing items to consumers, such as a sample of the product itself, a small gift, or printed information


Marketing campaigns that make use of promotional models may take place in stores or shopping malls, at tradeshows, special promotional events, clubs, or even at outdoor public spaces. They are often planned at high traffic locations to reach as many consumers as possible, or at venues at which a particular type of target consumer is expected to be present. Here at Dyvers Colour Promotions look forward to representing or marketing you as a model or client.

Services Provided:

  • + Promotes Products or Brand
  • + Event Staff
  • + Guest Bartending
  • + Shot Girls
  • + Go-Go Dancing
  • + Hype Girls
  • + Street Team
  • + Promotional model rally up customers for store/venue
  • + Spokes models
  • + Presenters
  • + Public Speakers
  • + Product Demonstrators
  • + Sales Assistants
  • + Entourage
  • + Hostess
  • + Host
  • + Runway
  • And much, much more!


Martine Lemik

I was born and raised in Erie, PA. As a teenager I realized that I had bigger dreams than what my small town had to offer. So at 18 I moved to a bigger city to pursue those dreams. I have always had an adamant love for fashion. As a former model, I wanted to create a platform for new and current models to take the fashion industry to another level. As an promotional modeling company we passionately promote every one of our models with a zeal that is unmatched. We work intensely with each model to achieve goals set by our company, as well as their own personal goals. Our feature photographer Chris Cardwell of Goodknews Photography and Larry Newburg of PFX Photography, We work with the most prominent photographers in the Rochester, New York area. Our company is rapidly growing thanks to the hard work and dedication of our staff. We are looking forward to continuing growth, and welcome new models to interview with us. See if you’ve got what it takes to be a DCP Promotional model..

Very truly yours,
Martine Lemik

Kenya Howard
Assistant Director

MAKE’UP FN’ATICZ was Founded April of 2012 by Kenya Howard. Kenya Howard Is a Freelance MUA Local To Rochester, NY. Company Manager to Dy’Vers Coloúr Promotions (Upscale Modeling Company). MAKE’UP FN’ATICZ provides personal services for make-up, lashes, nails, and/or light hair duties. MAKE’UP FN’ATICZ will provide assistance for any event. Birthdays, Special Events, Photoshoots, Videos, Bridal, Fashion Events and much more Stay Tuned!

Make-Up/Lashes/Polish/Light Hair Prep.

Chris Cardwell

If you are not already familiar with the name and face, there is a good chance you have already seen a picture taken by Christopher GoodKnews Cardwell. His career as a professional photographer began in 2009 since then GoodKnews has built a team like no other. With an impressive portfolio that includes shots of recording artists such as Trey Songz, Jadakiss, Lloyd, and Fabolous, the Hampton University graduate is also the exclusive photographer for the Rochester, NY Police Locus Club, Hip Hop Weekly, Hips On Deck Magazine, Breakthru Magazine, Dynasty series and SubCulture Magazine. GoodKnews is continuing to build his brand and elevating his career as a staple within the photography industry . Within the next couple of years he has hopes of possibly capturing fashion editorials for magazine giants Elle or Vogue, but in the meantime, GoodKnews is staying busy offering professional photography for weddings, senior pictures, modeling portfolios, landscapes, product shots, etc.